Areas to Support

Mental Health Services

Meriter is committed to the overall well-being of our patients including the psychiatric care of adults who struggle with mental health and chemical dependency challenges. Our NewStart program also assists adolescents with addiction recovery treatment.

Adult Psychiatry

Meriter’s Adult Psychiatry program exists to help people when they are at their most vulnerable and unable to safely care for themselves. The road to mental health wellness can be long; however, many people have a renewed sense of self worth and willingness to overcome their challenges once they receive care.

Gifts to the Adult Psychiatry program offer hope to hundreds of individuals and families, each year. Presently, the acute unit is too small and requires modifications to improve the space and provide more room for patients to receive care. Another addition, a calming room, would offer patients exhibiting escalating behaviors an alternative opportunity to quietly reflect and develop self-awareness skills.



NewStart is a comprehensive chemical dependency rehabilitation program, offering confidential, caring treatment to adolescents and adults suffering from the effects of substance abuse. Founded more than 35 years ago, the NewStart program has helped individuals and families throughout the Midwest find their way toward recovery.

NewStart is only one of a few recovery treatment programs in the state to offer addiction rehabilitation for adolescents. Meriter's team of physicians, counselors and registered nurses design individual care plans that may include referral for inpatient detox and stabilization, therapy sessions, recovery medication, support groups and continuing care relapse prevention. The increasing abuse of opiates, both prescription (OxyContin, Vicodin) and non-prescription (herion and opium) have increased to alarming numbers. In the past decade, drug overdoses have surpassed motor vehicle crashes as the leading cause of death in Dane County.

Gifts to the NewStart program offer hope to hundreds of individuals and families, each year. The program has ongoing needs, which include new therapy approaches, especially new models of care for adolescents with opioid addictions, as well as funding for activities for patients, resource materials for families and educational training for staff. 















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